Knyghtryders  is a group of five friends who enjoy making music. We play traditional Irish Folk Music on acoustic instruments. Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Marches, Airs. Sad songs, happy songs and songs to make your throat sore!  Music to get your feet tapping, hearts beating and emotions flowing like only Irish Folk Music can. All things Irish really. Our repertiore also includes some traditional Engish and Scottish music.   Knyghtryders Formed in 2009 we take our name from Knightrider Street in Sandwich, Kent. in which sits the Church of St. Clement’s where four of the group are members. The anchor behind the title banner is the emblem of St. Clement’s Church. The spelling of the name of the groups is from the Ancient spelling and provides a unique name for the group. It also stops us being linked, online anyway, to a tribute group in America, a pole dancer or a talking car! Home:  The KnyghtrydersForthcoming EngagementsPhotographs:  Listen & Watch: Contact Us TOP Meet Us Come and See us Look at us Listen & Watch us Contact us